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Reproduction in animals Class 4 worksheets with Answers

Reproduction in animals is the process by which animals produce their young ones. It is essential for the survival and continuation of their species.

Some animals, like fish, lay their eggs in water. Birds lay eggs in nests, and mammals give birth to live young ones.

Our Class 4 Reproduction in animals worksheet covers various topics such as ways of reproduction, life cycles of animals, birds and insects.

Our worksheets with variety of question types will help you to get good insight of lifespan and reproduction in animals.

Reproduction in animals Worksheet

Reproduction in animals Class 4 worksheets

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What is reproduction in animals?

Reproduction in animals is the process of how living organisms produce new individuals of the same species. It’s an important process for the continuation of life.

Animals have different ways of reproduction, one is giving birth to young ones and other is laying eggs.

All living beings live for a certain period of time and then die. The period of time for which a living organism lives is called a lifespan.

Animals that lays egg

Animals such as birds, insects, snakes, frogs, fish, tortoise, etc lays eggs and their young ones hat out of the eggs.

Reproduction in Birds

Life cycle of a bird

The female bird lays her eggs in a nest that is usually made of twigs, leaves, and grass. Birds build their nest at a safe place so that the eggs are not eaten by predators.

Once the eggs are laid, the female bird sits on them to keep them warm with her body. This process is called incubation. The eggs need to be kept warm for about 12–21 days, depending on the species of bird.

After the incubation period is over, the eggs hatch and the chick comes out. This process of breaking the egg is called hatching.

Once the chicks hatch, the adult birds feed them and care for them. After about 6–10 weeks, the chicks are fully grown, they will then leave their parents and start their own lives.

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Parts of an Egg

Anatomy of an Egg

Shell: The outer covering of the egg is called the shell. It’s hard and protects the developing chick inside.

Yolk: The yellow, round part of the egg is the yolk. It contains a lot of nutrients like fat, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for the developing chick.

Albumen: It is a white, clear, jelly-like substance that surrounds the egg yolk. It contains a lot of water and protein, for the growing chick.

Embryo: The small dark spot inside the yolk is called the embryo, which develops in to a chick.

Life cycle of a housefly

Animals that give birth to young ones

The animals that give birth to young ones are called mammals or viviparous animals. Such mammals are humans, tigers, cows, cats, dogs, etc. Some exceptional animals like bats, dolphins and whales also give birth to young ones.

Mammals have live births. The mother carries the developing young inside her body until they are fully developed and ready to be born. Mothers care for their offspring, feed them and protect them till they are strong enough to care for themselves.

Kangaroos have a special pouch on their body to carry their young ones, such animals are called marsupials.

Reproduction in animals Question and Answer

Q1. What is reproduction in animals?
A1. Reproduction in animals is the process by which animals give birth to their young ones.

Q2. Why is reproduction important for animals?
A2. Reproduction is important for animals because it ensures the continuation of their species.

Q3. Do all animals give birth to live young ones?
A3. No, some animals lay eggs, while others give birth to live young ones.

Q4. Who takes care of the young ones after they are born?
A4. The mother animal takes care of her young ones until they are able to take care of themselves.

Q5. What is Albumen?
A5. Albumen is the clear liquid found in an egg that surrounds the yolk. It is also called egg white and is a rich source of protein.

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