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Free NCERT Solutions for class 1 Hindi RimJhim

Our NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Rimjhim are prepared to help students answers all the questions given in the NCERT textbooks.

Download our NCERT solutions Hindi class 1 covering all the questions for better understanding of the chapters.

Also, download our Free printable Hindi Worksheet for Class 1 that covers different question types to practice at home.

NCERT Syllabus for class 1 Hindi has been changed for year 2023-2024. Click here to download NCERT Solutions for Sarangi Hindi Book Class 1 new syllabus.

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NCERT Solutions for class 1 Hindi

NCERT Solutions for class 1 Hindi RimJhim

Click on the links to download our NCERT Solutions for class 1 Hindi for free.

1: झूला

2: आम की कहानी

3: आम की टोकरी

4: पत्ते ही पत्ते

5: पकौड़ी

6: छुक-छुक गाड़ी

7: रसोईघर

8: चूहो! म्याऊँ सो रही है

9: बंदर और गिलहरी

10: पगड़ी

11: पतंग

12: गेंद-बल्ला

13: बंदर गया खेत में भाग

14: एक बुढ़िया

15: मैं भी

16: लालू और पीलू

17: चकई के चकदुम

18: छोटी का कमाल

19: चार चने

20: भगदड़

21: हलीम चला चाँद पर

22: हाथी चल्लम चल्लम

23: सात पूँछ का चूहा

What is covered in Hindi Class 1?

In Hindi class 1 students are introduced to various basic aspects of language like swar, Vyanjan and matras.

Here, the subject is taught using various poems and stories based on real life examples. Students are taught to understand and write the small words based on the daily activities and things they see around them.

Our NCERT Solutions Hindi Class 1 PDF contains a variety of question types given in the Rimjhim textbook to help students easily grasp the topic.

What do you get in NCERT solutions Hindi class 1

  • Printable Hindi solutions in A4 PDF format.
  • Free to download and easy to print at home.
  • Answer in simple and easy to understand manner.
  • Wholly based on latest NCERT syllabus and pattern.
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