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Science Class 4

Our environment and pollution Worksheets Class 4

Our environment and pollution Worksheets, for Class 4, will help children understand the importance of the natural world around us and our duty to preserve it.

Printable Weather, air, and water worksheets for class 4

Our air, water and weather worksheets for class 4 are designed to introduce students to the concepts of weather patterns in an engaging and interactive way.

Reproduction in animals Class 4 worksheets with Answers

Reproduction in animals is the process by which animals produce their young ones. It is essential for the survival and continuation of their species.

Free Interactive States of Matter Worksheet for Class 4

Matter is everything around us that occupies space and has mass, with three distinct states of matter solid, liquid, and gas.

Force, Work, and Energy Worksheets Class 4

Force, work, and energy are three fundamental concepts in science class 4 that play a crucial role in understanding how the world around us works.

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