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Make Practice Perfect: The Best Maths Worksheets for Class 2

Maths skills are like superpowers, but learning it can sometimes feel tricky, especially when we’re young. Here’s where our Maths worksheets for class 2 plays a crucial role to help your kids build a strong foundation.

Our maths worksheets come in like friendly superheroes! They’re like practice gyms for young brains, designed to help kids develop their skills, overcome challenges, and build confidence in maths.

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In Class 2, learning maths is about building the essential building blocks for all future learning! It also fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and a positive attitude towards numbers. This lays the foundation for success not only in maths but also in other subjects and real-life situations.

Maths Worksheets for Class 2

Imagine maths worksheets as your child’s personal space where they can repeatedly practice and refine their skills, building confidence in a subject. Moreover, worksheets for class 2 can be valuable tools for your kids to practice and reinforce their understanding of topics.

To assist Class 2 students on their maths adventures, we provide colourful, fun and engaging Maths worksheets with answers for free!

Our expert-curated worksheets align perfectly with the latest NCERT Class 2 Joyful Mathematics textbook to ensure a seamless learning experience.

Feel free to grab our Joyful Mathematics Class 2 worksheets to assist your kids in practising and enhancing their skills. Just download them and get started!

1. Counting in Groups
2. Comparing Numbers
3. 3D Shapes
4. 2D Shapes and Shadows
5. Numbers 1 to 100
6. Addition
7. Subtraction
. Multiplication
9. Division
10. Measurement
11. Time
12. Money
13. Data Handling

Also download our Joyful Mathematics Class 2 Solutions PDF, covering answers to all the questions given in NCERT Maths textbook.

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Maths worksheets for class 2 counting in groups

Counting in Groups worksheet

The Chapter 1 of Joyful Mathematics Class 2 is all about making counting fun and easier to understand! It introduces the concept of counting in groups, that strengthens the basic addition and subtraction skills. Further, this concept serves as the foundation for understanding multiplication later on.

Our counting in groups worksheets can be a valuable tool for young learners. They will not only help to understand the concept of grouping but will also enhance their early maths in a fun and interactive way. Download Now!

Comparing Numbers worksheet

The chapter 1 of Maths class 2 further explores the concept of comparison of number like more or less.

Comparing numbers in maths is like comparing your toys! We can use words like “bigger” and “smaller” to see which number is more or less like your favourite stuffed animal.

We even have special symbols to write how numbers compare:

  • > (greater than): This looks like a crocodile with a big mouth open. It means the number on the left has more “friends” (digits), so it’s the bigger number.
  • < (less than): This looks like a grumpy alligator. It means the number on the left has fewer “friends” (digits), so it’s the smaller number.

3D shapes worksheet for class 2 with answers

3D Shapes worksheet

The chapter 2 Shapes around us of Joyful mathematics introduces the concept of 3D shapes that we see around us. The topic of 3D shapes can be a bit abstract and tricky to visualize for young students.

Our worksheets are designed to help students explore the exciting world of 3D shapes easily. Activities like finding, matching, and drawing help students visualize and interact with 3D shapes. The interactive and engaging nature of worksheets leads them to a deeper understanding of properties like faces, edges, and corners.

2D Shapes and Shadows worksheet

In this topic students will learn to identify basic shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Further, they will learn about shadows of various objects and tracing of objects.

Worksheets with activities like identifying shapes, colouring them, or tracing their outlines help students solidify their understanding of basic shapes. The worksheet also covers shadow patterns that are created using lights.

Addition worksheet for class 2 with answers

Addition worksheets for Class 2

In the chapter 6 Decoration for festival, children learn basic addition and subtraction in different ways, while preparing for a festival decoration.

Our range of worksheets includes addition with carry, addition on number line, addition pyramid as well as word problems. Thus, worksheet cover a range of topics to progressively challenge students and develop their addition skills.

Download Now our addition worksheet with answers and give a boost to your practice!

Importance of Learning Maths in Class 2

In Class 2, learning maths isn’t just about memorizing numbers and equations, it’s about laying the foundation for crucial skills that will benefit your child throughout their lives. It builds number sense, stimulates logical thinking and build confidence to navigate through daily life.

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While learning maths in Class 2 is crucial, some students face challenges that can hinder their progress. It’s important to recognize these challenges and address them to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed in maths.

Remember, learning maths is a journey, not a race. With proper guidance and right tools to practice, kids can overcome challenges and build a strong foundation for success in maths.

Mental Maths worksheet for class 2

Why use Maths worksheets for Class 2

Think of maths worksheets as a playground for your child! It’s a place where they can strengthen their skills and boost their confidence through practice. They can keep practising until they become maths masters!

Let’s explore how these handy tools can help your child in their Class 2 maths journey.

1. Targeted Practice: Worksheets can focus on specific skills or concepts that your child is struggling with or needs more practice on. This targeted approach allows them to tackle challenges and building mastery step-by-step.

2. Varied Activities: Worksheets can offer a mix of engaging activities like word problems, puzzles, games, and even colouring exercises. This keeps learning fun and prevents boredom, while still reinforcing key concepts.

3. Instant Feedback: Worksheets come with answer keys. This allows your child to immediately see if they’ve done things correctly, fostering independence and enabling them to correct mistakes on their own.

4. Individualized Learning: Worksheets can be used as independent learning tools at home or as part of classroom activities. This allows parents and teachers to cater to individual needs and learning paces, ensuring every child gets the practice they need.

5. Progress Tracking: Worksheets can serve as a tangible record of your child’s progress. You can track their completed exercises, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate their achievements, motivating them to keep learning.

Worksheets are not meant to replace other teaching methods or discourage exploration. They’re most effective when used supplementary tools alongside engaging lessons, games, and real-world applications of maths.

By choosing the right worksheets and incorporating them into a positive learning environment, you can turn them into powerful tools for your child’s maths journey in Class 2.


Learning maths in Class 2 is an exciting adventure, and Class 2 maths worksheets can be your child’s trusty compass on this journey. They offer targeted practice, engaging activities, and instant feedback, paving the way for strong skills and a confident sense of “I can do maths!”

Remember, worksheets are just one tool in the toolbox, meant to complement other engaging learning methods. Use them strategically, celebrate progress along the way, and most importantly, make maths fun!

Shrikant Modh
Shrikant Modh
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