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Walls Tell Stories Class 5 EVS Chapter 10 Worksheet

Our free printable Walls Tell Stories Worksheet covers a variety of questions to help students grasp the topic in a fun and interactive way.

The Class 5 EVS chapter 10 Walls Tell Stories is a conversation between three girls and their elder sister who are visiting the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, India.

The girls are amazed by the fort’s size and security features, such as the thick walls, bastions, and moat. They ask their elder sister to tell them more about the fort and how it was built.

Our Class 5 EVS chapter 10 worksheets are designed in a way to help students understand the topic in a step by step and easy way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 10 PDF.

Walls Tell Stories Questions and Answers

Walls Tell Stories PDF

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Class 5 EVS chapter 10 MCQ with answers

  1. The gun placed in Golconda Fort was made of__________.
    a. Copper b. Iron c. Steel d. Bronze
  2. Where is the Golconda fort located?
    a. Vijaynagar b. Hyderabad c. Gujarat d. Delhi
  3. In which of this direction does the Sunrise every day?
    a. South b. West c. North d. East
  4. Whose cannon is placed in Golconda fort?
    a. Aurangzeb b. Akbar c. Jehangir d. Babur
  5. A single of this can cause a lot of destruction.
    a. Bastion b. Cannon c. Museum d. Bomb

Walls Tell Stories Fill in the Blanks

  1. There were beautiful __ on the walls of Golconda Fort.
  2. __ is situated in Hyderabad district of Telangana, India.
  3. Golconda Fort was made of __.
  4. At Fateh Darwaza, fantastic __ effect can be experienced.
  5. The Sun rises in the _ and sets in the _.
  6. Aurangzeb’s army used _ and _ to attack the enemy.
  7. Sultan Abdul Hassan was very fond of __ dance.
  8. Mughal army fought __ months to capture Golconda fort.
  9. After seeing Golconda fort, the children went to a museum in __.
  10. The walls of the Golconda fort are very __.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 10 Notes

The chapter “Walls Tell Stories” from the EVS textbook for class 5 is about the history and architecture of forts in India.

The chapter begins with three girls visiting the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. They are fascinated by the fort’s massive walls, bastions, and water supply system. Their elder sister explains to them how the fort was built and how it was used to protect the kingdom from attack.

The elder sister also explains that the fort was built in the 12th century by the Kakatiya dynasty. It was later expanded by the Qutb Shahi dynasty, who ruled the region from the 16th to the 17th centuries.

The fort was built on a hilltop, making it difficult to attack. The walls were made of granite and were up to 100 feet thick in some places. There were also many bastions, which were round towers that jutted out from the walls. These bastions provided the defenders with places to shoot arrows and cannons at the attackers.

The fort also had a moat, which was a deep ditch filled with water. This moat made it even more difficult for attackers to reach the walls.

The fort also had a water supply system, which brought water from a nearby river to the fort. This water supply system was essential for the fort’s defenders, as it allowed them to stay in the fort for long periods of time even if the attackers cut off their access to food.

The chapter ends with the girls learning about the history of the Golconda Fort. They learn that the fort was captured by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1687. However, the fort was never completely destroyed, and it is still a popular tourist destination today.

What do you get in Class 5 EVS Walls Tell Stories PDF

  • Printable EVS Worksheet in A4 PDF format.
  • Free to download and easy to print at home.
  • Answer key available at the last page.
  • Wholly based on latest NCERT syllabus and pattern.
  • Progressive approach with increasing difficulty level.
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