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Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Whose Forests Worksheet

NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Whose Forests, is a story about the beautiful relationship between the forest people and their natural home, the jungle.

The chapter begin in a lush green forest where children jump, run, climb trees and sing songs in their language called Kuduk. They have fun making necklaces from fallen leaves and flowers, showcasing their deep connection with nature.

Suryamani teaches the children how to “read the forest” by observing insects, animals, and plants. She emphasizes the importance of the forest not just for fun, but for survival and balance in the environment.

The children learn about Jhoom farming, a traditional practice where a patch of forest is cleared and used for cultivation. Suryamani explains how this method allows the forest to regenerate, highlighting the sustainable approach of the forest people.

When asked “Whose forests are these?”, Suryamani answers that the forest belongs to everyone – the animals, the insects, the wind, and the people who respect and protect it. It’s a shared responsibility, not an ownership claim.

The children witness how Suryamani and others plant new trees, ensuring the continuation of the forest’s life for generations to come.

Our Whose Forests Class 5 Worksheet with answers helps students to understand the topic in a simple and easy way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Solutions PDF.

Chapter 20 Whose Forests worksheet

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Whose Forests Worksheet

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Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Extra Questions

Q1. What does Suryamani teach the children in the forest?
Ans. Every Sunday Suryamani takes the children to the forest and teaches them how to recognise the trees, the plants, and animals. She also teaches that we are forest people and our lives are linked to the forests.

Q2. What does Suryamani fight for?
Ans. Suryamani fights for the rights of the forest people (Adivasis) and for the conservation of forests.

Q3. How is farming land allocated in Mizoram?
Ans. In Mizoram, farming land is allocated through a lottery system during Village Council meeting. The land belongs to the whole village and families take turns to do farming on different parts of the land.

Q4. What did Suryamani’s mother do?
Ans. Suryamani’s mother would weave baskets from bamboo or make leaf plates out of the fallen leaves.

Class 5 EVS chapter 20 Whose Forests MCQs

Q1. To which community did Suryamani belong?
a. Bhils b. Kuduk c. Baiga d. Khasis

Q2. What is the main crop grown through Jhoom farming?
a. Wheat b. Corn c. Potatoes d. Rice

Q3. What type of farming is practised in Mizoram, where land is left fallow for some year?
a. Jhoom b. Industrial c. Hydroponic d. Organic

Q4. Where is Mizoram located in India?
a. Northwest b. Northeast c. Southwest d. Southeast

Q5. To which state did Suryamani belong?
a. Chhattisgarh b. Jharkhand c. Mizoram d. Orissa

Q6. Who tried hard and got admission for Suryamani in school?
a. Father b. Mother c. Neighbour d. Cha-cha

Q7. Where did Suryamani take admission for schooling?
a. Kishanghadh b. Dishpur c. Bishanpur d. Jabalpur

Q8. In Mizoram, how much of the people are linked to forests?
a. One-fourth b. Two-fourth c. Three-fourth d. Four-fourth

Q9. The people of Suryamani’s village were afraid of whom?
a. The contractor b. City people c. Grandfather d. Panchayat

Q10. In which year forest act came into force?
a. 2003 b. 2007 c. 2008 d. 2017

Whose Forest Class 5 Answer in one word

Q1. Suryamani started a centre to teach Adivasis. __
Q2. The land on which we grow one tin of seeds is called. __
Q3. Who hold the special meeting for the lottery in farming. __
Q4. A special dance of Mizoram. __
Q5. A project to identify the extraordinary stories of ordinary girls, who have changed their lives by going to school. __
Q6. Unwanted plants which grow in the field on their own. __

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