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Class 5 EVS Chapter 22 On the Move Again

NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 22 On the Move Again, focuses on the difficulties faced by migrant workers and the importance of rain for agriculture.

The chapter is a story of a boy named Dhanu, who lives in a village where farming depends on rain. When there’s no rain, families struggle to make ends meet. To earn money, many families, including Dhanu’s, take loans from agents and travel far away to work in sugarcane fields for months.

On the Move Again

After Dussehra celebration, Dhanu’s family, like many others, prepares for departure. They must once again migrate, leaving behind the comfort of their homes to labour in distant sugarcane fields.

Their journey begins with bullock carts, carrying not just families but their hopes for a better future. Arriving at their temporary settlement near the fields, they build huts from dry sugarcane and its leaves. The men, including Dhanu’s father, work under the sun, cutting sugarcane for long hours. The women, like Dhanu’s mother, manage the households, often adding their own labour to the fields.

Challenges and Hopes

Life in these temporary settlements is harsh. The living conditions are basic, healthcare is scarce, and the constant worry of illness looms large. Despite the challenges, they hope to earn enough money to support their families and return home better off.

Dhanu’s story, reflects the harsh realities faced by countless migrant workers and their families. It underlines the dependence on rain for agriculture, the struggles caused by droughts, and the complex issues of debt and dependence.

Our Class 5 EVS chapter 22 Worksheet with answers helps students to understand the topic in a simple and easy way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable Class 5 EVS Chapter 22 Solutions PDF.

Chapter 22 On the Move Again

Class 5 EVS Chapter 22 On the Move Again Question answer

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Class 5 EVS Chapter 22 On the Move Again Question Answer

Q1. What does a mukadam explain to the village?
Ans. Mukadam explains to the village in which areas they would go for the next six months.

Q2. Why does everyone borrow money from the mukadam?
Ans. Poor people in the village borrow money from the mukadam to meet their basic needs like food and clothes.

Q3. Where do the families stay near the sugarcane fields?
Ans. They stay in huts made of dry sugarcane and its leaves.

Q4. Why would Dhanu not be using the stationery for six months?
Ans. Dhanu could not go to school for six months as he had to move out of the village for six months. So he could not study and use his stationary.

Q5. What are the different methods of irrigation in the farms?
Ans. The different methods of irrigation in the farms are through tube well, canals, wheel for water lifting, drip irrigation and rainfall.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 22 MCQs

Q1. All the relatives came to Dhanu’s house to celebrate.
a. Dussehra b. Diwali c. New Year d. Holi

Q2. Which vehicle used by Dhanu’s relative to come to the village?
a. Cycle b. Bike c. Bullock-carts d. Car

Q3. Who were busy in making different dishes in Dhanu’s house?
a. aai b. mami c. kaki d. All of them

Q4. Who took Dhanu and his cousin to the nearby village market?
a. Dhanu’s mami b. Dhanu’s aai c. Both a & b d. Nobody

Q5. Mukadam gives money to the villagers as a
a. Loan b. Gift c. Prize d. Rent

Q6. The main source of water for growing crops
a. Wells b. Rain c. Canals d. Ponds

Q7. Crop need a lot of water in its initial stages.
a. Cotton b. Wheat c. Sugarcane d. Jowar

Q8. When do people migrate from Dhanu’s village
a. After Dussehra b. Diwali c. After Navaratri d. After Holi

Q9. Who cannot see in Dhanu’s family?
a. grandma b. aai c. cousin d. aunt

Q10. Who wants Dhanu to study and become somebody in life?
a. Kaka b. Mami c. Dadi d. Aai

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