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Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 Sunita in Space Worksheet

The Class 5 EVS chapter 11 Sunita in Space chapter explains about the earth, moon, space, space travel and concept of gravity.

In this chapter, students will learn about the shape of earth and other planets. They will also learn how the shape of moon changes in the course of 15 days. Where is Sun, stars and other planets are located in space.

The chapter discusses the life of space travellers in space and how gravitational force affects their activities.

Further, the chapter discusses the life and achievements of Sunita Williams, the first Indian-American woman to go into space.

Our Class 5 EVS chapter 11 worksheet with answers are designed in a way to help students understand the topic in a step by step and easy way.

Moreover, our free printable worksheet covers a variety of questions to help students grasp the topic in a fun and interactive way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 PDF.

Sunita in Space Questions Answers

Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 Sunita in Space worksheet PDF

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Sunita in Space Notes

Who is Sunita Williams?

Sunita Williams is the first Indian-American woman to go into space. She is a NASA astronaut born on September 19, 1965, in Ohio, USA to Deepak Pandya and Ursuline Pandya.

Sunita attended the United States Naval Academy, where she graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering in 1987. She joined NASA in 1998 and has participated in various space missions.

She completed two missions to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2006 and 2012, spending a total of ten months in space.

What is Gravitational force?

Gravitational force is a fundamental force in nature that attracts any two objects with mass. The strength of the gravitational force between two objects depends on their masses and the distance between them.

Gravity is a very important force in the universe and responsible for the formation of stars and galaxies, and keeps the universe together.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 Question Answer

Q. Why do we see stars mostly at night?
Ans. The stars are in the sky both day and night. During the day our star, the Sun, makes our sky so bright that we cannot see the much dimmer stars. At night, when the sky is dark, the light of the stars can be seen.

Q. Describe how Sunita viewed the earth from the spaceship.
Ans. Sunita Williams described the earth’s view from the spaceship as something beautiful and amazing. They watched it for hours from the window of the spaceship. They could clearly see the curved surface of the earth.

Q. Name two festivals that are related to Moon.
Ans. Karwachauth and Eid

Q. Why do children always slide down the slide and not up?
Ans. Children always slide down the slide because of the earth’s gravitational force.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 MCQ

  1. Which of these are in space?
    a. Stars b. Moon c. Sun d. All
  2. What is a ‘Globe’?
    a. A bomb b. An egg c. Model of Earth d. A ball
  3. Who was Kalpna Chawala?
    a. Astronaut b. Doctor c. Engineer d. None
  4. Sunita William has spent more than _ months in space.
    a. Six b. Eight c. Five d. Nine
  5. How far did Sunita went into space from the earth?
    a. 350 km b. 360 km c. 370 km d. 380 km
  6. Which of the following festivals is related to the moon?
    a. Gurupurab b. Dussehra c. Christmas d. Eid
  7. Twinkling stars is written by ______.
    a. Ansar Ibrahim b. Ally Islam c. Anware Islam d. None

Sunita in Space Answer in One Word

  1. A special vehicle designed to take the astronauts in the space
  2. Name the place Where Sunita Willams is working.
  3. A country that situated on the lower part of the globe.
  4. Movement of the earth around the Sun is called
  5. The study of heavenly bodies to learn what influence they may have on human life is called

What do you get in Class 5 EVS Sunita in Space PDF

  • Printable EVS Worksheet in A4 PDF format.
  • Free to download and easy to print at home.
  • Answer key available at the last page.
  • Wholly based on latest NCERT syllabus and pattern.
  • Progressive approach with increasing difficulty level.
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