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Class 5 EVS A Snake charmers story worksheets

NCERT Class 5 EVS chapter 2 A Snake charmers story focuses on the culture of kalbeliyas and their forgotten art. The story goes around snake and saperas, how they catch snakes and entertain the villagers to earn their livelihood.

Furthermore, the story mentions the types of snakes, snake poison and medications for poison. Also, how the government had formed the wild life act to protect snakes and many other wild animals.

Download our free printable Class 5 EVS chapter 2 A Snake charmers story worksheets covering a range of question types to help you better understand the topic.

Moreover, you can also download free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 PDF.

A Snake charmers story worksheets preview

A Snake charmers story Class 5 EVS Worksheets PDF

A Snake Charmer’s Story Question Answer

1. What do snake charmers carry beside the snake?
Ans. Snake charmers carry herbal medicines beside the snake.

2. Who are Kalbeliyas or Saperas?
Ans. The Kalbeliyas or Saperas are people who make snakes dance by playing the been.

3. What is called Anti venom?
Ans. Snake poison is used to create a medicine called Anti venom that is used to save the lives of people who have been bitten by a snake.

4. Why Snake charmers carry snakes in a bamboo basket.
Ans. Snake charmers usually keep their snakes in bamboo baskets, as they have tiny holes that allow snakes to breathe even when the lid is shut.

5. Snakes are friend of farmers, why?
Ans. Snakes are called a farmer’s friend as they kill and feed on animals like rats, protecting the crops from being destroyed.

Ch 2. A Snake Charmer’s Story Summary

“A Snake Charmer’s Story” is about a boy named Arayanath, whose grandfather Roshan Nathji is a famous snake charmer. Arayanath learned from his grandfather how to catch poisonous snakes and play a musical instrument called the ‘been’ to make the snakes dance. Snake charmers like them are known as kalbeliyas.

The story describes how Arayanath’s grandfather used to carry snakes in bamboo baskets to showcase their skills and earn money. They also carried medicines made from plants they collected in the forest, which could help villagers since there were no nearby hospitals or doctors.

Arayanath’s grandfather could help people who were bitten by snakes with his medicines or catch snakes if there was a scare. He even learned how to remove the snakes’ poisonous teeth.

However, due to a new law that bans catching and keeping wild animals, Arayanath’s grandfather had to give up his traditional way of life and earning. But he encouraged Arayanath to use his musical talent to entertain people and earn money.

The main message of “A Snake Charmer’s Story” is to teach children that not all snakes are poisonous. Snakes are beneficial to our environment because they eat rats in the fields and protect crops from being destroyed. The story also emphasizes that using animals for entertainment is not good, and we should treat all animals with empathy.

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