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A Seed Tells A Farmer’s Story Worksheet with Answers

NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 19 A Seed Tells A Farmer’s Story is all about farming, celebration and problems arose due to change in technology.

The chapter begins with a seed telling a story about a farmer’s life. How a farmer works day and night in a farm to grow crops and provide food to all. Apart from farming, they also celebrate various festivals related to harvesting and cook special dishes.

Moreover, students will also learn various aspects related to farming and changes in the methods of farming. How technology and use of chemicals and pesticides impact the crops and soil. How the quality of soil is getting affected and thus less production.

Our Class 5 EVS chapter 19 worksheet with answers helps students to understand the topic in a simple and easy way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 19 PDF.

A Seed Tells A Farmer’s Story worksheet

A Seed Tells A Farmer's Story worksheet

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Chapter 19 MCQ’s

  1. For which crops, people were getting better prices?
    a. Wheat & rice b. Only wheat c. Wheat & cotton d. Only rice
  2. Which of the following have replaced bullocks in farming?
    a. Tractor b. Car c. Bus d. Train
  3. Which of the following are the festivals related to the celebration of crop harvesting in India?
    a. Makar sakranti b. Bihu c. Baisakhi d. All of these
  4. In older times, good seeds were stored in dried.
    a. Brinjal b. Gourd c. Bitter gourd d. Cucumber
  5. Farmers in earlier times kept which leaves near seeds to protect them from insects?
    a. Mango b. Neem c. Banyan d. Pine
  6. What was sprayed on the crops to keep away the insects?
    a. Medicines b. Oil c. Water d. None
  7. Which plant gives a signal that the top layer of the soil has become dry?
    a. Unicorn b. Pitcher c. Lavender d. Croton
  8. What is a moosli?
    a. Mortar b. Pestle c. Grinder d. Crusher
  9. What is an okhli?
    a. Grinder b. Pestle c. Mortar d. Crusher
  10. Which of the following is a natural fertiliser?
    a. Neem leaves b. Soil c. Earthworm d. Cowdung

A Seed Tells A Farmer’s Story Extra Questions and Answers

Que. What did Damjibhai do to protect seeds from insects?
Ans. He made strong wooden boxes to store seeds.

Que. What affects the soil badly?
Ans. Growing the same crop over and over, and using so many chemicals, affects the soil badly.

Que. What is compost? How is it prepared?
Ans. Compost is a natural fertiliser. It is prepared by putting garden waste (dries leaves), kitchen waste (peels of vegetables and fruits, and leftover food) and earthworms in a pit.

Que. What type of machines are used for crushing and separating seeds?
Ans. The work of crushing and separating seeds is done by big machines, such as threshers.

Que. Bajra and jowar were forgotten and dismissed. Give reason.
Ans. Bajra and jowar were forgotten and dismissed because people found that only one or two crops, like wheat and cotton, got better prices in the market. So most farmers began to grow only these.

Que. Taste of food is different from past, Why?
Ans. The taste of food is different from the past because the seeds have changed, use of chemicals and less fertile soil.

Que. Cotton prices are not as high as before because
Ans. Everyone was growing cotton, production have increased and demand is same, so the cotton prices were not as high as before.

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