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Class 5 EVS Chapter Seeds and Seeds Worksheet

Our Class 5 EVS Chapter Seeds and Seeds Worksheet contains various questions covering important concepts related to seeds.

The chapter 5 Seeds and Seeds introduces students with importance of seeds in our daily life.

Further, the chapter explains sprouting of seeds, process of germination, wandering, pollination and how seeds grow in to plants.

Download our free printable Class 5 EVS seeds and seeds worksheets covering various question to practice.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 5 PDF.

Class 5 EVS chapter seeds and seeds PDF

Class 5 EVS Chapter Seeds and Seeds Worksheet

Class 5 EVS chapter 5 Question Answer

Q 1. What is Seed?
Ans. A seed is a small baby plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat. It is formed as part of reproduction in seed plants. Seeds grow into a new plant after germination.

Q 2. What is a sprout?
Ans. A sprout is a germinated seed in which the stem and root have come out. It is nutritious, so is used for eating.

Q 3. What things are soaked before cooking in your house? Why?
Ans. We soak few things before cooking in my house like Chana, Rajma, Moong, Pulses, Soyabean. These things are usually stored after drying. Soaking them makes them softer and easier to cook.

Q 4. What is seed Dispersal?
Ans. Plants are immovable objects, but their seeds are very mobile. They can travel far places with the help of water, wind and animals. The process of travelling of seeds is called seed dispersal.

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