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Free Number System Worksheets for Class 4 Students

Numbers are everywhere! But have you ever wondered how we write and compare them? Our Number System Worksheets for Class 4 Students will help to unlock the secret world of numbers!

From counting cookies to playing games, numbers help us understand the world around us. It helps us compare the height of buildings, measure ingredients for delicious recipes, and even calculate time and speed.

Learning maths starts with basic symbols called as numbers and operators, that can be used in different ways to perform various mathematical operations.

In class 4, students learn about the number system used in mathematics, which is called the decimal system. The decimal system uses ten digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The number system provides a foundation for understanding basic mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Remember, the more you practice, the stronger your number skills become. With some exploration and our fun filled activities, you’ll master the numbers in no time! So, grab our number system worksheet with answers and unlock the amazing world of numbers!

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free Printable Number system worksheets class 4 pdf

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Number System Worksheets PDF

The number system is a vast and exciting world waiting to be unlocked. Are you ready to explore the secret world of numbers?

Exploring Different Number Forms

Today, we’re going to uncover different number forms! There are three most common number forms used in our daily life:

  1. Standard Form: This is the number you see most often, like 108 or 369. It is simple and used for quick comparisons and calculations.
  2. Expanded Form: It is the detailed form, revealing the true value of a number. For example, 369 becomes 300 + 60 + 9. It helps us understand the place value of each digit, making addition and subtraction easier.
  3. Word Form: It is the fancy name, like “three hundred sixty-nine”. It helps us write larger numbers, clearly stating the value of each number.

Numbers and Number line Worksheet

Characteristics of Number line

  • A long, straight line stretching infinitely in both directions.
  • Numbers marked at equal distances along this line, starting from zero (0) in the middle.
  • The further you move to the right, the bigger the numbers get. The further you move to the left, the smaller the numbers get.

Place value and Face value

place value and face value worksheets for class 4

Place value is a fundamental concept in mathematics that shows how the value of a digit changes based on its position in a number.

Understanding place value is important because it helps students to understand how to add, subtract, and compare numbers. For example, when adding two numbers with two digits, students need to add the ones place separately from the tens place.

Imagine numbers as building blocks. Each block has its own value called face value, and a value based on it’s position in the building called Place value.

The ones place is like the ground floor, then comes tens, followed by hundreds, and thousands. So, 3 in 369 lives on the hundreds floor and 3 in 38 lives on the tens floor. The value of 3 in 369 is much bigger than the 3 in 38.

Understanding place value helps us do incredible things like:

  • Compare numbers: Is 728 bigger than 108? Place value helps to understand the relative size and importance of each digit.
  • Add and subtract: When you know how digits contribute to the overall value based on their position, the calculation becomes easy.
  • Solve problems: Understanding place value allows you to convert between units, compare measurements, and solve word problems effectively.

Download our place value and face value worksheets to master the number system, and set the stage for further mathematical advancements.

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Roman Numbers

roman numbers worksheet for class 4

We all know our decimal system, but have you ever wondered how people counted before the familiar Hindu numerals we use today? Let us explore the rich history of Roman numbers.

Roman numerals are a number system that was developed in ancient Rome and use a combination of letters to represent numbers.

In Roman numerals, there are seven letters that are used to represent different values. The letters and their corresponding values are:

I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500
M = 1,000

Important rules for using Roman numerals.

  • Repeating a symbol adds its value: III = 3, XXX = 30, CCC = 300.
  • A symbol before a larger one subtracts its value: IV = 4 (V – I), IX = 9 (X – I).
  • This subtraction rule has limits, though. You can’t subtract more than one smaller symbol from a larger one (e.g., no “IIII” for 4).

Roman numerals are not just about memorizing symbols, it’s about unlocking a different way of thinking about numbers.

Our comprehensive Roman numbers worksheet for class 4 provide the perfect opportunity to practice your skills and crack the secret code of Roman numerals. From deciphering simple numbers to tackling more complex ones, this worksheet has got it all covered.

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