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Mangoes Round the Year Questions and Answers

Class 5 EVS chapter 4 Mangoes Round the Year is all about food spoilage, preservation methods, and the consequences of eating spoiled food.

Moreover, the chapter also focuses on how the microorganisms decomposes the food to cause different types of diseases in our body.

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Mangoes Round the Year Questions and Answers

Mangoes Round the Year MCQ Questions

1. In which season does the food get spoiled easily?
a. Winter b. Monsoon c. Summer d. Spring
2. What appears on moist bread when it is kept for a few days?
a. Bacteria b. Fungus c. Virus d. Algae
3. What is the name of ‘Aampapad’ in Andhra?
a. Mamidi Tandra b. Amavat c. Aam roti d. None
4. Why do we keep food and vegetables in refrigerator?
a. To keep them fresh b. To make them crisp.
c. To make them more tasteful d. None
5. What will happen if you eat spoiled food?
a. Weakness b. Food poisoning c. Headache d. All of these

Mangoes Round the Year Questions and Answers

1. Name the things that are needed to make Mamidi tandra.
Ans. To make mamidi tandra, first they bought a mat woven from the leaves of a palm tree, poles of casuarina tree, string made of coconut husk, some jiggery and sugar.

2. What is food preservation? (or) How can you preserve the food?
Ans. Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food to stop or slow down Food spoilage, loss of quality, edibility, or nutritional value and thus allow for longer food storage.

3. How do you come to know that the food got spoiled?
Ans. When a portion of food spoils, it smells bad and its colour also changes.

4. Name any two food items that do not get spoil for months.
Ans. Food items that would not spoil till one month are flour and pickles.

5. What items do you preserve in a refrigerator?
Ans. Germs cannot grow under low temperature. That is why fruits, vegetables and milk are kept in refrigerator.

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