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Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 No place for Us Question Answer

NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 No place for Us highlights the struggles of a family displaced from village khedi due to the construction of a dam.

The story is about a person named Jatrya who is forced to leave his ancestral home. He relocated with his family to Sinduri village and then to Mumbai, where they face the harsh realities of urban life.

Jatrya feels lost and alone in the busy and overcrowded city. He misses the villagers and traditions of his village, where life was simple and harmonious.

The chapter, No place for us, concludes with Jatrya’s reflection on the challenges faced by those displaced from their homes. He is worried thinking, In this big city, is there not even a small place for my family to stay?

Our Class 5 EVS chapter 18 worksheet with answers helps students to understand the topic in a simple and easy way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 PDF.

No place for Us worksheet

Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 No place for Us worksheet

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Chapter 18 No place for Us MCQs

Q. What was the name of Jatrya’s village?
a. Sinduri b. Huth c. Navagam d. Khedi

Q. What did Jatrya and his family use as a fuel?
a. LPG b. Tyres c. Wood d. CNG

Q. Jatrya had to pay for which of the following?
a. Water b. Medicines c. Food d. All of these

Q. The dam built on river Periyar is ________.
a. Mullaperiyar dam b. Bhakra Nangal dam c. Hirakud dam d. Neyyar dam

Q. Which musical instrument was not learnt by the children of Khedi village?
a. Dhol b. Flute c. Guitar d. Drum

Q. Whom did Sidya help to pick their bags?
a. Jatrya b. Jhimli c. Memsahibs d. All of them

Q. When did Jatrya’s family come to Mumbai?
a. 2 years back b. Last week c. 3 years back d. Month ago

Q. The things they were collecting from the forest?
a. Fruits b. Roots c. Dried wood d. All of these

Q. Where does Sidya work from 4 o’clock to 7 o’clock in the morning?
a. Vegetable market b. Fish market c. Fruits market d. Ship market

Q. Which musical instrument did Jatrya played?
a. Harmonium b. Drum c. Sitar d. Guitar

Class 5 EVS chapter 18 Question Answer

Q. What caused Jatrya leaving his village?
Ans. Jatrya had to leave his village due to dam construction.

Q. Most elders of Khedi village were not happy. Why?
Ans. Khedi is the place where they all were born and live and now they have to leave the Khedi village, that’s why most elders of Khedi village were not happy.

Q. How were the Khedi people treated in Sinduri village?
Ans. The Khedi people were considered ‘unwanted guests’ in Sinduri village.

Q. Where did Jatrya decide to shift to for betterment?
Ans. Jatrya decided to shift to Mumbai for betterment.

Q. How did Jatrya remember his old days in the village?
Ans. Jatrya remembered his old days in the village by thinking about the peacefulness and the activities he used to do there.

Class 5 EVS chapter 18 Extra Questions

  1. What did Jatrya’s son do in the fish factory?
  2. How did migration affect the villagers?
  3. What kind of road is found in Sinduri village?
  4. What were the premises by the officials to the villagers?
  5. Why did Jatryabhai collect rubber pieces of old tyres?
  6. What kind of problems does Jatrya face in Sinduri?
  7. What were the difference between Khedi village and Mumbai?
  8. Why did Jatrya and his family leave Sinduri and migrate to Mumbai?
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