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Class 5 EVS Chapter 17 Across the Wall Question Answer

NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 17 Across the Wall is a chapter about gender equality, team spirit in sports and fulfilling dreams.

The chapter is a story about some girls from Nagpada Basketball team. It is all about how girls crossed the wall of gender differentiation and played basketball.

Girls narrates the challenges they faced in their life while playing basketball. They also tell how unity in their team got them a victory. They are very hopeful about their game and want to bring medal for the country.

The chapter concludes with a message, how one can fulfil his or hear dream by crossing all the barrier. Gender is not the matter of concern if you want to follow your dreams.

Our Class 5 EVS chapter 17 worksheet with answers covers a variety of questions to help students grasp the topic in a fun and interactive way.

Also, do not forget to download our free printable NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 17 PDF.

Across the Wall worksheet

Chapter 17 Across the Wall Question Answer PDF

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Class 5 EVS chapter 17 Question Answer

A. Who is the main focus of the chapter “Across the Wall”?
Ans. The main focus of the chapter is Afsana Mansuri and the Nagpada Basketball team.

B. How did Afsana break the wall between her jhuggi and the basketball court?
Ans. Afsana broke the wall by becoming a strong player for the Nagpada Basketball Association.

C. What did Zarin do to start playing basketball?
Ans. Zarin asked the coach if she could play, and he agreed when she brought more girls to form a team.

D. Was it easy for the girls to start playing basketball? Explain.
Ans. No, it was not easy for the girls at first. Some of their parents were hesitant, but they eventually agreed with persuasion.

Chapter 17 Across the Wall MCQs

  1. How much time did it take to reach Nagpada from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati
    Shivaji Terminus Station?

    a. 20 minutes b. 30 minutes c. 5 minutes d. 1 hour
  2. Which sport did Afsana play?
    a. Cricket b. Kabaddi c. Basketball d. Hockey
  3. Who made this wall between her jhuggi and the local basketball court?
    a. Her parents b. Teachers c. Friends d. Society
  4. Whose mother encouraged her to play?
    a. Khushnoor b. Afsana c. Afreen d. Zarin
  5. Whose mother works in the flats?
    a. Khushnoor b. Afsana c. Afreen d. Zarin
  6. How old is Afsana Mansuri?
    a. 10 years b. 15 years c. 11 years d. 8 years
  7. The number of players in a basket ball is
    a. 6 players b. 5 players c. 8 players d. 9 players
  8. Whose father was trained by Bacchu Khan?
    a. Khushnoor b. Afsana c. Afreen d. Zarin
  9. The ‘Bacchu Khan playground’ has been named after
    a. Afsana Mansuri b. Mustafa Khan c. Noor Khan d. Astaf khan
  10. Who was the coach of the NBA team?
    a. Bacchu Khan b. Mustafa Khan c. Noor Khan d. None

One Word Question Answer

  1. A person who trains a team in sports.
  2. Name the home town of famous athlete P. T. Usha.
  3. Playing in which city, the girls learned the importance of cooperation and teamwork.
  4. With what spirit should a person play a game?
  5. What is the feeling of pride and loyalty that exists among the members of a team?
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