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Class 1 Hindi Pakodi worksheet with answers

Our Class 1 Hindi Pakodi Worksheet with answers is prepared by subject experts to help kids practice and understand the chapter easily.

In Hindi poem for class 1 Pakodi poet expresses the journey of Pakodi in amazing words creating fun for children.

Download our Free printable Pakodi class 1 Hindi worksheet PDF covering various question to practice at home.

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Class 1 Hindi Pakodi worksheet with answers PDF

Class 1 Hindi Pakodi worksheet with answers

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Hindi Kavita for Class 1 Pakodi

इस कविता में कवि ने गरमा-गरम पकौड़ी के तलने से लेकर उसे मुँह में जाने तक का वर्णन बड़े ही रोचक शब्दों में किया है। जब पकौड़ी को तेल में छाना जाता है तो ऐसा लगता है कि वह तेल में छुन-छुन करके नाच रही हो।

तली पकौड़ी प्लेट में आने पर शर्मायी-सी लगती है। दौड़ती हुई पकौड़ी हाथ से उछलकर सीधे पेट तक जा पहुँचती है। कवि कहता है कि पेट में जाकर पकौड़ी घबरा-सी जाती है। कवि के मन को पकौड़ी खूब भाती है।

The poet has described the poem in very interesting and funny words, trying to create humour among children. When the pakodis are sifted in the oil, it seems that they are dancing in the oil with its touch.

The fried pakodis look shy when they come on the plate. The running pakodi jump from the hand and reach straight to the stomach. The poet says that pakodis get nervous when they enter the stomach.

What do you get in Hindi Pakodi worksheet

  • Printable Hindi Worksheet in A4 PDF format.
  • Free to download and easy to print at home.
  • Answer key available at the last page.
  • Wholly based on latest NCERT syllabus and pattern.
  • Progressive approach with increasing difficulty level.
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