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Class 5 Maths chapter 1 The Fish Tale worksheet

NCERT Class 5 Maths chapter 1 “The Fish Tale” covers various fundamentals of Shapes, distance, speed, weight and length in the form of fish and fishermen story.

Here, students are taught to deal with real life situations like buying, selling, money, profit and loss, weight, distance and time.

Students can download our Class 5 maths chapter 1 worksheet with answers to practice at home and understand the concept.

Moreover, you can also download our NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths in PDF covering all the questions given in the Math-Magic textbook.

The Fish Tale Class 5 Maths Chapter 1 worksheet

Class 5 Maths chapter 1 The Fish Tale worksheet

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The Fish Tale Extra Questions

  1. If the price of fish is Rs. 180 per Kg, then what will be the price of 6 kg fish?
  2. A shark is 10 meters long, what is the total length of 4 sharks?
  3. A boat is 300 meters long, what is the 1/3 length of the boat?
  4. Sanjay took a loan of Rs. 6000 from the bank. He paid back Rs. 550 very month for one year. How much money did he paid back to bank?
  5. Jack bought 300 kg of fresh fish at the rate Rs. 30 per kg and spent Rs. 400 for salt and transportation. After one month, he sold the dry fish at the rate of Rs. 80 per kg. Find his gain or loss, if 4 kg of fish gives 2 kg of dry fish?
  6. Akshay takes 6000 kg grapes for Rs. 25 a kg, he dries it for kishmis. The kishmis is one third of the grapes. He sells kishmis for Rs. 90 a kg. How much profit will he earn?
  7. The speed of the boat is 35 km per hour. How much time will it take to go 140 km?
  8. The cars move at the speed of 70 km per hour. How much distance it can cover in 3 hours?

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